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Sonar Dental Unit


The SONAR dental unit combines "state of art" engineering concepts with an elegant and eye-pleasing design. .
The delivery unit can be equipped with up to 5 instrument kits, configured to the dentist's choice, all with lock-stops on the instrument arms and non-retraction / out-drop valves to prevent suck back of contaminated water into delivery system hoses.
Two control satellites, one each for the dentist and assistant, as well as a multi-function foot-control, enable an intuitive operation of both chair movements and spittoon functions, light and the delivery unit.
The operator keyboard features touch controls for the X-ray film viewer, timed light; chair controls for up/down keys; 4 programmable positions; return to zero; patient's rinse-&-return to the last working position as well as an option for the emergency position. In addition: a timed automatic cycle for tumbler-filling, rapidly followed by the bowl rinse; on/off switch for the operating light, instruments' fibre optic light; and a keypad to activate the unit decontamination cycle and the instruments' circuits.
Foot-control: driven up/down movements of chair and backrest, instrument functions with / without water, progressive speed activation, chip-air, reverse mode option for micro motor, selection of cup filler, activation of Op-light, temporary activation of chair movements with instrument in use.


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