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Cemm Medical Italy dedicates its experience and know-how to the heart of the dental treatment centre: the design and manufacture of the unit and chair

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The dental unit must be a practical equipment in use, but 
with the characteristics that allow the rapid and safe
 application of the infection control practice, to reduce the
 risk of infection.

For this reason, CEMM  MEDICAL ITALY has specially
 engineered the S4/WD system for the disinfection of the
 dental unit waterlines. This system allows the users to
c ontrol the biofilm that grows in the unit's waterlines.

The S4/WD water system has two pressurised reservoirs 
made in durable beverage PET: one for the disinfectant
and the other for the water-rinse at the end of the

Cemm Medical Hi-Tech

Medical Italy Hi-Tech can propose an extensive range of units and chairs both for individual stand-alone units and complete dental centres, mobile carts, operator stools, innovative options for infection control as well as most other essential devices for the modern dental clinic.

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